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Dexter House Kitchen // 'Before and Afters' + a video

In January, we shared the “100% reveal” of the Dexter House kitchen after finally tackling our 3-year-old punch list and some maintenance. And today I wanted to take a step back and share more of the home’s story, a video, and lots of ‘before and afters’. Because who doesn’t love a good ‘before and after?! I think they might just by my favorite part of a renovation! 😉

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Dexter House Kitchen // It's (finally) 100% Done!

We renovated the Dexter House kitchen over 3 years ago, but left it at 95% done. Sure we planned to finish the last 5%. But then life got in the way. There was a new baby and a move and then another house to renovate and another baby and…well you get the idea. The Dexter kitchen was ‘good enough’, so it just kinda slipped from our radar.

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Dexter House Kitchen // How to Make a New Faucet the Centerpiece of a Kitchen

One of the major projects we wanted to tackle at the Dexter House kitchen earlier this month was replacing the faucet. It’s funny to call a project that takes an hour major, but a new faucet can certainly feel major. It’s the most frequently used item in the most frequently used room in a home and a good one will change your life. Or at least the dishes 😉

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