Dexter Kitchen: Drywall and Cabinets


THE DEXTER HOUSE Well guys, I'm excited to say that we passed all of our rough-in inspections at the Dexter House: plumbing, electrical, and framing!!!  After being a *bit* stressed out last week about finishing this renovation before baby arrives, it felt really good!  Garrett, Papa, Wilder, and I celebrated with a brewery dinner and not a stitch of work on Friday night.

The best part about passing rough-in inspections is that we got to start covering up walls.  So on Saturday we began hanging drywall in the kitchen and by Sunday evening we had all the cabinets installed.

The Grit and Polish - Kitchen Progress Drywall and Cabinets

The Grit and Polish - Kitchen Progress Drywall and Cabinets

It's starting to look like a real kitchen, right?!  Here's a look at the transformation over the weekend:

The Grit and Polish - Kitchen Progress Collage

The Grit and Polish - Kitchen Progress Collage

You probably don't recognize a couple folks in those photos (like our super cute junior drywaller and her sweeper brother).  We had some good friends come over and lend a hand on Sunday and my goodness did we get a lot done with their help - a million thanks to the Halls!

I should also mention that the maple cabinets will be getting painted.  If you're like Papa, than you're shaking your head in disappointment right now.  But the maple finish is just not the look we're going for at the Dexter House.  Don't hate me ;)

That funny gray inset panel in the drywall between the upper cabinets will be our cement tile backsplash over the range.  We're also planning open shelves for the back wall above the drawers.  And those circular electrical boxes at the top of the wall will eventually be a couple of swing arm lights, which I'm beyond excited for!

One other thing we got done with all those extra hands on Sunday was prepping for the hardwood refinish (aka countersinking one billion top nails).  I'll save that for another day, but suffice it to say that there really were one billion nails in our floors, and all of our hands are still sore four days later!



p.s. I would like to move to France and live here...forever!  I'm not kidding, Garrett.

p.p.s. Guys, we've got to save this house!

p.p.p.s. This big kid room is perfection!