The Farmhouse // Daphne's Nursery: Art (ORC wk 4)


THE FARMHOUSE This is post 4 of our Spring 2018 One Room Challenge makeover of Daphne's bedroom. You can catch up on the rest of the series here: inspiration/before, design, repairs, art. Thanks for following along! 

Two weeks left to finish Daphne's bedroom...eech! I think these last two weeks are when the ORC magic really happens. Garrett might say it's more like this is when the sleep stops (ha!) but either way, you get to see everything come together and it's magical.

This week I ordered the final art prints for Daphne's bedroom. We ended up with a mix of prints from Society 6 and Etsy, some free downloads that I printed online (here), and an original piece of art which should be here very soon (!!!).

I talked Garrett into letting me (read: us) make wood frames for this space. Solid wood frames are hard to find at a reasonable price, especially with a little patina, so we made our own. Both of the two above were DIY'd and I bought the glass and backing from Michaels. I hope to share a DIY post on those with you soon, but you can catch sneak peeks of our DIY endeavors on Instagram stories. Here are five pieces of art going in Daphne's nursery:

Sources*: Kitten Bandit Print // Flower Child // American Goldfinch, Crow, and Orange Crowned Warbler (free downloads from here)

Last week I finally got my sewing machine out too. Thankfully sewing does seem to be like riding a bike and after putting together a couple of pillows, I feel almost ready to tackle the curtains. We decided on the inexpensive DIY option - which means we'll be dying and hemming IKEA panels we already own - and see how that goes. If that DIY fails, we're only out the cost of the dye and I can still order some floral/whimsical drapes.

Base shoe also went in this week, which really fines the space off. I don't know about you, but there's nothing more finished looking than base shoe in my book. Of course why in the world we waited a half to install this I can't imagine!

That's it for this week. Next week we should finally bring finishes back into this room and update the bed to accommodate a foam mattress. Speaking of the bed, I'd like to put together a DIY post for you on how we update the frame so let me know if you have any questions or issues to address with antique beds!

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