Farmhouse Friday 4/27/18

Happy Friday! Have you gotten any sunshine where you live this week? It was so beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest that I was reminded exactly why it is we live here ;) I wanted to thank all of you who came out to the meet up last week. It was really fun to meet so many 'home people'! One thing that struck me was how many of our conversations revolved around house hacking, rentals, and real estate. Seattle is a hard market to buy in these days, but so many people are living creatively, making their housing situation work for them instead of the other way around. I find it inspiring!

With less than 2 weeks left on the ORC, our entire family is hard at work on Daphne's nursery. We'll be spending a little more time on that project this weekend (it goes a little slower with three little people helping ;) plus we're prepping our rentals for summer, which is our busy season. Honestly, we've been overly busy too often this past year, so I'm not looking forward to feeling that way again. When we quit our jobs and moved to the Farmhouse we thought things would slow down, but if anything, they've been more chaotic. So we're looking to pare down this year, really assess what we want to be doing and focus our effort in that direction. Hopefully that will mean more family travels, time outside, and creative work and play.

Well it's Friday again, meaning I found lots of great links from around the web. So grab a cup of coffee and dig in!

The amazing connection between generations of woman. I find this so very special.

Jersey Ice Cream Co is at it again! And this Historic Catskills retreat does not disappoint! Also, Percy can really make a piece of furniture. That four-poster bed has me weak in the knees!

via Francois Et Moi

This back hall makeover (above) is really good and so simple in the best possible way.

I broke out my trusty Birkenstocks this week and that is definitely one of my favorite feelings of Spring. Other favorites: the sun on my face while I swing below a large tree. Listening to the choir of frogs outside the Farmhouse at night. Being in the yard during that golden hour in the evening with my family.

I have to admit I've never made an 'olive oil' cake but this one sounds so interesting I may just have to try it!

Have a great weekend



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