The Farmhouse // Daphne's Nursery: The Bed Frame, finally! (ORC wk 5)

THE FARMHOUSE This is post 5 of our Spring 2018 One Room Challenge makeover of Daphne's bedroom. You can catch up on the rest of the series here: inspiration/before, design, repairs, art, bed frame. Thanks for following along!

Well it's definitely been a busy week around here but Daphne's bed frame is in and oh goodness am I glad we didn't paint this beauty!

In the end, we decided to give the bed frame a good cleaning and install a platform for our favorite foam mattress and that's all. I'll share more on that process later, but the bed is looking pretty good, especially considering it was FREE! I'm still shocked that we were able to snag this beautiful frame at $0, but then again they say all the best things in life are free. I say all the best things except old houses ;)

With Daphne's bed frame in, the next step was finding the right balance of textiles. And that's a task I'll be working on right up until photographing the reveal next week. I found these cotton curtains at IKEA and now we're debating about pleating them or just clipping them (you can see the two options in the photo above). Let me back up and say, did you know that you could pleat IKEA drapes (at least these ones)?! You need to buy pleating hooks, but even so, we're talking less than $25 a panel, all in. And that's definitely cheaper than I could have made them for. Garrett actually prefers the curtains clipped (the option on the right) so I'm thinking no that. If you have a preference for how to hang curtains, please do weigh in and help make the decision easier!

I also sewed a couple of new pillows for this room this week and pulled out some others from storage. The final look will be more edited, but I'll wait until we finalize the furniture and art for that. Speaking of furniture, Garrett's building me two nightstands with marble tops today and I can't wait to see how they turn out! Honestly I can't wait to see how this entire space turns out in less than 7 days (queue the beads of sweat on my forehead). In the meantime, check out all the designers/bloggers spaces here!

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