Farmhouse Friday 3/16/18

Happy Friday! How was your week? We've been running around between a few different projects and things lately. Who knew early retirement would be so...busy. Disjointed. Hectic. And lovely of course too?! Anyway, lots of good stuff is happening around here and because of that I'm posting a little less on the blog. Posting less and living more - at least that's my goal at the moment.

If you were following my Instagram last weekend, you saw that we had a lovely time in Portland. Truly, just lovely. The weather was sunny and 70 degrees and we hit up more than one brewery in our short trip. It was relaxed and fun and just what we needed. Unfortunately, we didn't get *quite* as far as we had hoped on my niece's bathroom. But it's wallpapered (they selected a pattern with a designer and had it professionally installed) and my sister is adding the final coat of sage green paint on the floors as we speak. I'll share more of this space once it's finished!

Well it's Friday again, meaning I've got lots of great links for you. Grab a cup of coffee and jump in.

I ripped out quite a few pages of my Country Living magazine when I came to this 300 year-old Saltbox home. It's a stunner...

source: Country Living Magazine // photo by Troa Giovan // design by Jennifer and Derrick Miller

I've been really inspired by minimalism and the Zero Waste movement lately. Finding a way to live on this earth in an old home, with a large-ish family, while being financially and environmentally responsible and happy is right up there for me. This minimalism blog and this zero waste site are now weekly reads for me.

The best before and after! I love reading about people living creatively (ala house-hacking). Also: adaptive reuse is my jam!

Recently downloaded this and this (from Ashley's wall!) from the MET and oh my there is so much more (FREE!) artwork to explore!

A charming apartment on Gramercy Park. "Between the identical twins making over homes on cable TV and your Pinterest board's budget-friendly backsplash ideas, it’s all too easy to forget that inspiration can come from actual experiences: a song, a feeling, a room." Oh so charming and an excellent reminder to put the iPhone down (Cathy!).

Just as suspected...there's nothing wrong with your home! Yes, I can see the irony in a renovation blogger linking to this article. But really, something to think about before you swing a hammer or spend a penny.

In Rome, you just can't escape history. And can we talk about those patterned mosaic floors?