Farmhouse Friday 3/23/18

Happy Friday! And welcome to Spring. Are you feeling that freshness in the air?!  I sure am. We spent the first few days of Spring cleaning out the Farmhouse. We got rid of stuff, organized other stuff, and scrubbed everything. A clean house just feels good, you know?! Plus we've been spending too much time on housework and shuffling clutter lately instead of enjoying our home and little people. So we're hoping that more organization and less stuff will help us switch those priorities...

Our Farmhouse // boy's bedroom

I had one of those really cool experiences yesterday where I got to meet some people that I've admired for years. Garrett and I welcomed them at the Farmhouse, and my head is kind of spinning with it. I'll share more later (I know, I know soooo secretive ;) but I have to say that I'm completely amazed at how readily we can connect with like-minded (and not so like-minded) people in these digital days. Social media and blogs often get a bad wrap, and for valid reasons, but my world is so much bigger because of them. I'm constantly being inspired by what other people achieve and how they live. Amazing times we live in!

Well it's Friday again meaning I have lots of great links for you. So grab a cup of coffee and jump in!

If you had asked me in high school what I thought 'family life' would look like, I'd have probably have said something like the Bucket List Family. What do you say, Garrett, should we sell it all and go?!

This moody office stopped me in my tracks. What a thoughtful, cozy space! And speaking of cozy - this bedroom is one part cozy and one part Spring. Perfection!

source // design by Anne McDonald Design // photo by 2ndTruth Photography.

A 100-year old duplex turned Airbnb with the talented Wit & Delight team. I love how airy the space feels despite (or maybe because of...?) all the woodwork. Related: duplexes make the best house hacks!

We swapped our kitchen sponge for a scrub brush and it's a huge upgrade! We made the swap to lessen our waste but were pleasantly surprised that the bristles scrub dishes better than that ol' green standby and it gets less gunky too. Great recommendation Lauren!

I've been eagerly watching this kitchen take shape. It's SO good, Mandi!

The fabulous Katie Hackworth was interviewed for Design School. I just love how she sees design... "I prefer interiors to feel lived in, collected, and somewhat informal. Furnishings and decor need to make sense, but I don’t feel restricted by rules or trends. Instead, I prefer to experiment and have some fun mixing, matching and repurposing." -Katie Hackworth