Farmhouse Friday 6/1/18

Happy Friday! And welcome to June. Our small town has a historic house move going on this weekend, and I'm pretty excited about it! (If you're local, you can read more about it here.) The old home is being moved to make way for apartments, I believe, and it's new location will be right across the street from where I grew up. I love creative solutions to preservation like this one. I have to say that one of my favorite things about moving home to Ellensburg has been all the events our small town puts on. There are farmer markets in the summer, beer festivals, parades, story times at the library, and all number of holiday going-ons. Recently Garrett and I took part in a different kind of event: Love and Logic parenting classes. I know, I know, parenting classes. Ugh. But these have been a game changer for us. The series of classes was put on for free at our local library and they are hands down the best thing to happen to our family since Daphne's arrival. Our mornings, especially, run 100% smoother and our whole home is happier for it. Anyway, just thought I'd share in case any of you have wondered about them.

Our Bryant House renovation (now an Airbnb) // Master Bedroom

Well it's Friday again, meaning I've rounded up lots of great links from the web. Grab a cup on coffee and dig in!

What to do with an ugly carport. Holy moly, Sarah this makeover is gooooood!

We're taking the kids to Orcas Island this week for camping and fun. The boys have their own sleeping bags and I wanted to get Daphne this cutie, but Garrett convinced me to wait another year until she'll actually be able to use it. Always the realist. pssst: If you have any kid-friendly restaurant and activity recommendations for Orcas Island please share them! 

Ten ways minimalism will improve your life.

Baked coconut donuts. These are definitely on my to-do list for National Doughnut Day, which just so happens to be today (so go treat yourself!).

Inspiration from Instagram: this vibrant wallpaper (and spindle bed), fun family living in an RV, a dreamy project, a cute henhouse, and this layered bedroom.

An outdoor space in the desert. This almost makes me want to live in the desert...almost ;)

Have a great weekend!



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