Happy Friday 6/8/18

Happy Friday! Is your June off to a good start? We had a great trip to Orcas Island this week! It was a free-spirit, breeze-in-your-hair kind of vacation with some of our best friends. We explored the rocky, beautiful beaches, ate oysters we shucked ourselves, toured the beautiful Moran mansion, and played Pitch late into the night. It was one for the books! And about that mansion...

That is the Moran Mansion at Rosario on Orcas Island. And as beautiful as the home is, my favorite thing about our visit was learning about the people behind the home, seeing how they lived, and catching glimpses of the changes made to the home over the past 110+ years (why, why is that copper pipe running below the wood box-beamed ceiling?!). Can you believe that last photo is the master bathroom of this glorious home. Well one of two master bathrooms, because Mr. and Mrs. Moran had different master suites, of course. And there were no master closets - just  a series of drawers in each bedroom. The master beds were maybe a full size and the bedrooms were relatively tiny compared to the size of the home. I found that all so...refreshing! Oh and did I mention the flooring? White hexagon tile and hefty wood herringbone. Swoon!

Well it's Friday again, so I rounded up some of my favorite links from the week.

This podcast. It was a recommendation of Joy the Baker and super entertaining. We listened to it on our drive, right after our 4-year-old caught up on Wow in the World (highly recommend that one for kids, too!).

This rose-covered exterior stopped me in my tracks.

Why it's important to work hard. I certainly relate to this, especially as Joshua Becker defines work (Becoming Minamilist). Related: Mr. Money Mustache thinks all retirements should include work (Bigger Pockets Money Podcast).

Yes please! I'll definitely be trying these chocolate chip hazelnut cardamom cookies this summer (Dishing up the Dirt).

Have you heard of travel hacking? A few tips from this full-time traveler on flying for free (be my travel muse).

Apparently we're not the only ones interested in Orcas Island...Oprah bought a home there last month.

What should the next HGTV show look like? Interesting thoughts on the impacts of all those expensive, instant, and sometimes unnecessary renovations (curbed).

Have a great weekend!