Happy Friday 10/11/19

Happy Friday! This week we celebrated Brooks’ 4th birthday. He’s been asking for a chocolate peanut-butter cake for the better part of a year now. And since baking cakes from scratch just happens to be about my favorite thing ever, I was happy to oblige! We brought the cake over to Nana’s house for a family dinner with spaghetti and meatballs, a couple gifts, and lots of love. And you better believe I’ll be soaking up these small, family celebrations for as long as the kids let us get away with them 😉


chocolate cake & frosting recipe (it’s hard to beat!), peanut butter frosting recipe (inside layers)

More from the week…

The fear of the ordinary. “…we cheapen the ordinary while striving for extraordinary.“ (nosidebar)

Creating an intentional family home (in Tacoma!). I’ve long admired Lindy and her approach to baby-proofing is spot on with our own (#3 in the article). (localmilk)

The middle class crunch: a look at 4 family budgets. This was SO interesting! It’s getting harder and harder to have a stabile life in the middle class. (You can check out where you fall in the income bracket for your region here). (nytimes)

I get almost all of my clothes recommendations from my twin sister. She sends me photos of her trying them on and tells me what size to buy (identical twin perks 😉)! My sis bought both this boyfriend sweater and this cozy leopard print sweater and they’re both 40% off this weekend (with code GOBIG). (jcrew)

Want to be happy? Live in a small house. “Chances are, your house is too big, and it may be doing you more damage than you realize.“ (theweek)

Ashley’s $600 kitchen remodel was SO good! Yes, you read that right…$600. And I think you’ll be amazed at how far the money went. (thegoldhive)

Is it time to break up with Airbnb? As Airbnb hosts ourselves, Garrett and I obviously have a vested interest in the answer, but we can definitely see the issues Airbnb has created. (nomadicmatt)

Kitchen countertop fabricators are falling ill and even dying. Could man-made materials be adding to the problem? Thanks to everyone who sent us this one! (npr)

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Have a great weekend!


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