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Happy Friday 4/12/19

Happy Friday! Things have been moving a little slow around our house this week…or maybe I should say fast. Spring sports started up (I’m coaching my 5-year old’s running team!) and our laundry room reno is getting underway, which I’ll share more about next week. We’re making quite a few decisions as we go - you know, our standard M.O. - and I find myself getting more excited every day. But everything else at home - the laundry, cooking, reading, blogging - has taken a back seat. I guess you could say we’re back in renovation mode 🙃

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Happy Friday 4/5/19

Happy Friday! It’s finally starting to feel like Spring around here…for you too? We spent much of the week outside, learning to ride bikes, cutting back the trees, and building a rudimentary tree house. It feels amazing to be outside again! We even picked our first bouquet of flowers from the yard (daffodils) and have fallen asleep to a chorus of frogs every night. This is the time of year I really love living in the country!

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