Happy Friday 2/1/19

Happy Friday! We made it…February is upon us. And Spring is sure to be just around the corner…or 47 days away. But who’s counting, right?!

I’ve had lots of down time to consume all the good stuff on the internet this week, thanks to a case of the sniffles. And I have to say there was A LOT OF GOOD STUFF on the internet this week! Since it’s Friday, I’m sharing it all today. So grab a cup of coffee and dig in.

Daniel shared the story of his Bluestone Cottage this week and his honest, raw experiences with renovating and blogging and trying to stay afloat. If you’ve ever struggled with something hanging over your head for a long time - avoided it, agonized over it, or felt like a failure - this post will resonate (and the comments too).

tour via apartment 34.jpg
tour via apartment 34 2.jpg

owner: Katherine Power // design: jake arnold // photography: justin coit for architectural digest // via

I’ve seen photos of this home a lot (so much so that I couldn’t remember if I’d already shared it), but the full tour blew me away! If you’re into black, white, and wood in a simple way (but done sooo well), this one is for you.

I finally started watching Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix. And like the rest of the country I love it! The premise of the show is great, but what I love most is Marie herself. She’s such a kind, positive person who just seems to sparkles on camera.

My mom recently gave me this regional history book and I read every word in one afternoon. If you’re in Ellensburg, this one is for you! And if not, check for your location - they’ve published these books for big cities, counties, regions, and small towns all over the country.

Joshua Becker was on Young House Love’s podcast this week and it was just as inspiring as I hoped it would be. For those of you who don’t know Joshua Becker, he’s the founder of becoming minimalist and a huge proponent of ‘finding more life in less stuff’.

Cozy Stilted Cottage via My Scandanavian Home.jpg

home and design: Alex Bates // photos: Marta Xochilt Perez // via

A cozy, stilted cottage on Fire Island. This seems like the perfect place to spend a winter! And again with the black, white and wood! It’s definitely my favorite color palette.

Speaking of winter, this season can be hard with young kids. At least it is for this mama with 3 busy, curious kids who get cabin fever after one afternoon indoors. This idea for spending time outside is pure gold. Now if I could just get Daphne to keep her mittens on…

Mandi Johnson of @mandimakes has such a unique and pretty aesthetic. Her home feels so…dare I say it…70’s. But in a good way! (Never thought I’d say those words, but then again, I hadn’t seen Mandi’s home.)

The easiest and most sustainable way to get rid of your stuff. Ashley’s article inspired me to finally join our Buy Nothing group.

Have a great weekend!



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