Six Essentials for making a Cozy and Comfortable Bed


Between our 4-bedroom Farmhouse and Seattle Airbnbs, I am constantly making beds. So it’s a good thing that bed making is my favorite house chore 🤣 Over the years, I’ve honed my own process for making the coziest and most comfortable bed possible, because we all need a good night sleep. And today, I’m sharing our favorite essentials with you.

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I firmly believe that a well put-together bed is important. Because sleep is important. And thankfully it only takes the right basics to sleep your best (plus children who sleep through the night…but that’s another issue entirely 😉). Here are our essentials for making the most cozy and comfortable bed. I hope you enjoy it!

Our essentials aren’t fancy, just high-quality basics. I’ve listed them out below along with links to the products we use from The Company Store. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m a fan of white bedding 😉

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Protective Layer

We start making every bed with a waterproof/bug-protector on both the mattress and the pillows. Of course this is important at our Airbnbs, but I also use these essentials on our own beds at home…because you just never know. Especially with kids. Mattresses and pillows are an investment in our sleep and we like to protect them.

The Company Store: Bed Bug Protective Cover + Dust-Mite Proof Pillow Protector

Mattress Pad

I’ve come to love mattress pads. They’re a great way to add a little softness and comfort to a bed. This may sound silly, but to me a good mattress pad makes it feel like you’re falling asleep on a cloud. It adds the perfect amount of softness to a nice, firm mattress, and I love it. This is the one time where I opt for a synthetic, PrimaLoft product over down.

The Company Store: Black Label PrimaLoft Mattress Pad


I always look for high-quality, cotton sheets that are washable, soft, and won’t pill-ball. I keep 2 sets of sheets for each bed in a house. At our Farmhouse I only have all-white sheets because they’re my favorite. Plus there’s something fresh and relaxing about white. I also like to leave the foot of the bed loosely tucked, so that the sheets don’t squeeze my toes like I’m wearing pointe shoes at night (am I the only one?). At our Airbnbs, we generally use patterned sheets, since they’re easier to organize by size in the linen cabinet.

The Company Store: Wrinkle-Free 300-Thread Count Cotton Sateen Sheet Set + Additional Pillowcases

Layering Blanket

Layering blankets is key when you live in a place with 4 seasons. I like to start with a soft, lightweight blanket and top it with a warm, down comforter folded at the foot of the bed. In the Summer, the lightweight blanket may be all we use.

The Company Store: Gossamer Blanket/Throw


Good pillows are key to getting a good night sleep. At least we think so. You’ll always find 4 quality pillows on each bed in our homes (or 2 pillows for a twin bed). We like down, but there are great down alternatives out there too. The Company Store sells pillows in different firmnesses for different types of sleepers (belly, side, back…), so I personalized the pillows on our bed to work best for us.

The Company Store: Best Down Pillow, Medium & Firm

Down Comforter + Duvet Cover

Ideally, every bed should have a down comforter (or down alternative). This allows you to stay warm without cranking up the heat all night. Plus, down comforters add a warmth and heaviness that’s the ultimate in comfort. There are multiple fill-levels available and I opted for the extra warm, since I love to sleep in a cold room. Also down in The Company Store products is certified under the Responsible Down Standard—so you can rest assured that you are sleeping with down that is sourced responsibly! I always pick a soft duvet cover that feels nice against the skin and it’s a bonus when they have ties in the corners to attach to the comforter (all the Company Store duvet covers do!). This one is also wrinkle-free, which is a big plus too.

The Company Store: Organic Cotton Down Comforter, Extra Warm + Wrinkle-Free 300-Thread Count Sateen Duvet Cover



Bedding listed above. All other sources from our master bedroom can be found here.

buying basics

The Company Store has their semi-annual White Sale going on right now. You can get up to 25% off solid bedding and basics (including everything you see on our bed) through February 27th. We’ll be back next month with the Company Store to talk about adding color and pattern to a bed.

Happy sleeping!

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