Happy Friday 6/14/19

Happy Friday! It’s our oldest kiddo’s 6th birthday today and with our kitchen under construction, we opted to skip the big birthday party. Instead, we’re having a simple family dinner at Nana’s house. And as for the homemade birthday cake that I always make him, well that got simplified too with a quick stop at Costco.

In the end, Wilder’s never going to remember who made his cake and regardless of the size of his party, he’s going to feel loved and celebrated on his birthday. So I’m washing the guilt right off. Here’s a gentle reminder to myself (and to you too if you need it): it’s okay to shorten your to-do list. Even throw it out entirely. Say ‘no’ to something instead of being busier. Play hooky on a Thursday and take the kids to the water slides. Stop and smell the roses. And then cut some for your nightstand so you can smell them first thing in the morning. It’s summer after all, so cut yourself some slack. Costco sheet cakes taste just fine, too.

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Master Nightstand Roses.jpg

Our Farmhouse master bedroom // sources here

A few interesting things from the week…

A summer manifesto: a little less doing. This is exactly what I’d like my summer to look like…plus a little bit of kitchen remodeling thrown in. (Wit & Delight)

I checked out this audiobook from the library and finished it in a few days. During that time, I found every excuse I could to do dishes, fold laundry, and any other chore I could find. It’s that good! (Amazon)

How lovely is this sunroom/greenhouse?! Click the #wildgoosefarmhouse hashtag for even more amazingness. Also, does our Farmhouse need a name? (Jessica Helgerson)

Let’s hear it for the average child! This was so me as a child and I loved the article. (New York Times)

A family-focused Farmhouse revamp. (Design*Sponge)

Loved this week’s Choose FI podcast with guest Mr. Money Mustache. “I pretty much need to do something difficult every day. That’s my biggest revelation of the first 13 years of retirement…’No difficulty’ means not a good day.” It’s definitely worth a listen! (Choose FI)

A seaside cottage in Maine. Oh my! (coco kelley)

A beautiful backyard wedding that cost under $7,000. And I thought that our $10,000 wedding was quite a feat (almost 14 years ago now, eeeek!)… (Emily Henderson)

The rise of granny panties. Thank you Rihana! (Vox)

Have a great weekend!