Happy Friday 6/21/19

These Friday posts are fun for me. You too? But occasionally I forget all about them until Thursday night when I’m pulling out our old copy of ‘The Hobbit’ for story time, preparing to re-read the same pages I did two nights ago (my darling husband struggles with the use of a book mark 😆), and then bam! It hits me. It’s Thursday night!

And I get all excited to sit down at my laptop, open a beer, and have a little ‘me time’. I’m here for Friday. Let’s make it a good one!


Our Farmhouse boy bedroom // sources here

Speaking of books, this audio book and then this one (checked out from our library) got me through the sanding and painting of our cabinets. (Amazon)

Are McMansions making people any happier? I haven’t stopped thinking about this article. And I’m curious, how many square feet do you have per person in your home? We’re at about 580sf/person and it feels like more than enough right now. (The Atlantic)

Short-term rentals are a hot topic these days. Some love them, some hate them, but everyone seems to have an opinion. I loved reading Elsie’s thoughts on short-term rentals and the regulations they face in Springfield. (A Beautiful Mess)

A Victorian townhouse in the city. Obsessed! (Lauren Liess)

Would you, could you, ever wear the same clothes every day? My decision-paralyzed self loves the idea of a uniform! (Fast Company)

This week’s ChooseFI podcast with guest Lisa Duke really struck a chord. “We have a total HGTV ban in our household…All the tv show does is make you feel dissatisfied with your house. … Your kitchen is fine. Your bathroom is fine. Turn off the TV.” Food for thought. (Choose FI)

An upcoming kitchen reno I can’t wait to watch. I’m fascinated by the added hoops of renovating in a designated Historic home (something we’ve never done). (The Gold Hive)

Life advice for my college-bound daughter. The sweetest. (Cup of Jo)

Have a great weekend!


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