Happy Friday 7/12/19

Happy Friday! How was your week? We had one of those really good, slow weeks at home. We spent time with the kids, enjoyed the garden, worked on our kitchen renovation, and ate copious amounts of cherries. That’s what summer’s all about, right?!

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Kitchen Reno + Cherries 4.2.jpg

Our Farmhouse kitchen - reno progress

More from the week…

This quaint island in Greece will pay you $20,000 to move there. Basically it’s all my early-20s dreams come true (and maybe my mid-30s dreams, too 😉)! (Apartment Therapy)

Paula Pant, the financial badass, shared 6 rules to money, work, and life. They are simple and amazing! (@paulapant)

“Tell me about yourself.” Eight spicy tips on how to talk to people according to Terry Gross. Taking notes…this is not my strong suit. (NYTimes)

Julia Marcum shared a beautiful kitchen reveal this week, but it was the budget I enjoyed reading best. I always love seeing the investment that goes into a new renovation. (Chris Loves Julia)

We’re leaving on a road trip to Minnesota soon (and taking the trailer!!!) and I bought this book to keep me company. I’ve always wanted to read Ivan Doig and there’s no better time to try a new author than during those long hours in the car! (Amazon)

A brief history of the s’more. Appropriate. Anyone else find this fascinating? (Time)

I bought these running shoes last month and they’re just as amazing (and supportive) as everyone says. I keep telling Garrett that I feel like my legs got springs. My sister found them for less than I paid on Backcountry - I found them true to size! (Backcountry)

Did you catch our collaboration with Weber yesterday? It’s a really fun partnership for us and we hope you like it too! Did you? Do you? I love your feedback and your support. You guys (the reader/viewer/follower) have so much sway with brands and whether or not they sponsor us. Your likes, comments, reads, and shares are your currency. Thank you for spending it on us. (@thegritandpolish)

Have a great weekend.


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