DIY // How To Build A Patio And Lay Pavers


We’ve been loving our garden patio for a couple of months now, and thought it was time to share a DIY. Building a patio and laying pavers is definitely a do-it-yourself kind of project. It’s more labor than skill and relatively affordable. This project is all about the prep, so don’t skimp on that. And you’ll probably need to brush off the old TI-85 (you keep it after high school calculus, right?!) to determine how much gravel and sand you’ll need. But if you have a long-weekend on your hands and a friend or two to help out, this is a very do-able DIY!

The Grit and Polish - DIY How to Lay Patio Pavers.jpg

DIY // How to Build a Patio and Lay Pavers

Time: 3 days +

Level: Medium

Format: video


  • pavers (we used these)

  • 5/8-minus base, ~4”

  • sand, ~1-2” bed for pavers

  • pea gravel or whatever you want to use for paver “grout lines”

  • 2x4s for frame

  • 1 straight 2x4 for leveling sand (longer than your patio width)


  • rake

  • wheelbarrow

  • shovel

  • level

  • nail gun + nails OR drill + screws (for creating your frame)

  • vibrating plate compactor (rented)

  • mini excavator (rented - this tool is optional, but depending on your site, you may need to bring in or remove a lot of dirt and level it)


Garrett put together a 3-minute video on how to lay patio pavers. Watch it below:

That’s it! Not too intimidating, right?! We’ve laid 3 patios over the past decade, and it’s definitely something I hope to do again. It’s relatively easy and inexpensive and creates such a great outdoor living space.

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Let us know if you have any questions or any other DIYs you’d like to see…leave it in the comments below.