Happy Friday 9/6/19

Happy Friday! And welcome to the other side of Labor Day (resisting the urge to say Fall 😉)! I had so much I wanted to talk about today - our Labor Day celebrations, school starting up again, the yellow leaves on our Elm tree - but right now all I can think about is chocolate chip cookies.

I have this tradition of breaking in a new oven (of which there have been far too many for my 37-years of age) with a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Baking cookies instantly makes a new kitchen (or new home) feel more homey and it helps me decipher how the oven bakes - hot, cold, variable, etc. Well I’m happy to say, our gas BlueStar range bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie! That new gas line might have been worth all the heartache after all. Maybe 😉

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies 4.jpg

The best chocolate chip cookie recipe, ever. I realize I might get some push-back on that, but try them! The ‘no refrigeration thing’ is key (we are not the kind of people to plan chocolate chip cookie cravings hours in advance). I swap out the chocolate chunk for chocolate chips and then throw in nuts and coconut for the second “adult” batch. You’re welcome. (smittenkitchen)

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Have a great weekend!


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