5 Kitchens Where Shaker Pegs Stole the Show (+ Other Spots to Put These Classic Pegs!)

Shaker pegs seem to be having a moment right now, and we’re 100% on board with that. We’ve used them in the past (and loved them!) and are planning to integrate them into our current kitchen/pantry/laundry-room remodel. These old-school hanging pegs are perfect for so many reasons: they’re simple, versatile, inexpensive, functional, nostalgic, and relatively easy to install (see our DIY here). Plus you can put them practically anywhere. Feast your eyes on the inspiration below, which may just convince you to install shaker pegs in your own home.

The Grit and Polish - Where to Use Shaker Pegs.jpg

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My first instinct for shaker pegs is always the kitchen and since that’s the space we’re renovating right now, I wanted to start here. Shaker pegs make such good storage for aprons, herbs, art, pots, and well…just about everything! All 5 of these kitchens exude charm, and the shaker pegs are a big part of it.

We built super-functional shelves for our Porch House kitchen (the photo above and second below) a couple years ago and included shaker pegs to the bottom shelf for a little nostalgia and styling fun. They’re still my favorite!

katie-hackworth-aran-goyoaga Seattle shaker peg rail.jpg
The Grit and Polish - Shaker Peg Kitchen Shelf.jpg
LEANNE Fords_SMITH_051.jpg

Jersey Ice Cream Co, Old Chatham Farmhouse via Remodelista

devol kitchen.jpg



Shaker pegs aren’t just for the kitchen, they’re a natural fit for mudrooms, too. Shaker pegs are perfect for hanging towels, hats, damp swim suits, aprons, etc right by the mudroom sink. I love the nostalgic charm they add to a functional space like this.

Build Walnut Farm IG - Shaker Peg Rail in Mudroom.jpg

Angela Wheeler (@buildingwalnutfarm)


Entires are a natural spot to add shaker pegs, too…for coats, hats, dog leashes, scarves, purses, etc. One of my all-time favorite DIYers (and Instagrammers), Erin Francois, tripled the functionality of this mid-stair landing entry with her shaker peg rail. And I’m obsessed.

Francois Et Moi back hall Kilz Makeover.jpg

Erin Francois (Francois Et Moi)


You don’t see a lot of bathrooms with shaker pegs, but I want to make the case for them. They really are perfect for towels and bathrobes! Here’s our own Farmhouse bathroom…

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Bathroom Budget Shaker Peg Shelf 2.jpg

Convinced, yet?