Happy Friday + Links (12/1/17)

Happy Friday and welcome to December! We made it home from Portland and had another busy week full of hustle and hammers and house work.  Of course you can't spend Thanksgiving with 10 little people and not pick up some kind of virus, so Brooks and I have been bed ridden for a couple days.  Ugh.  But the best part of the week: we passed all of our final inspections at the Porch House!  That's right, our permits are closed out and we're officially done with this beautiful home (minus a small punch list, of course ;).  We'll be hosting a "finish party" to celebrate soon (assuming we get over this virus) so if you're in Ellensburg and want to see the house, shoot me an email. Well it's Friday again, meaning I've scrounged up all sorts of links from the around the web.  Grab a cup of coffee and jump in!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is story time with our kids.  There's nothing like a good book to get you in the spirit!  Here are a few we're thinking of adding to our collection: The NutcrackerThe Little ReindeerMice SkatingPick a Pine Tree, and Snow and Rose.  Do you have any holiday/winter favorites?

Looks like we're not the only ones forgoing a tub in the master bathroom.  Of course, we do have a tub elsewhere in the Porch House, which a necessity in my book.

A colorful and historic family home.

Oh Farmhouse Friday Exterior


These two artists and their "modern-ish urban farmhouse" have me thinking that building a new home might be kinda fun.  BTW, if you're into homes, @ohfarmhouse is a great Instagram account to follow!  Their kitchen is what dreams are made of:

Oh Farmhouse kitchen

9 Design Ideas to steal from Seattle's London Plane.

I've been eyeing these monogrammed mugs and monogrammed door knockers for gifts.  And this cell phone case is too cute!  They're all 40% off right now because Anthopologie sale is on sale!

I finally watched In Defense of Food on Netflix (while in bed with said virus) and it's definitely worth a watch!

I've been swapping around rugs at our Farmhouse to make our home feel extra cozy for the winter.  This 8x10 rug just arrived - it was too good of a deal to pass up - and I'm happy to report that it's super soft and lovely in person!

Have a great weekend!