Happy Friday + Links 6/30/17

Happy Friday! Garrett and I spent a couple of days in Seattle this week making beds, cleaning toilets, trimming hedges, and rearranging furniture at our Dexter and Ravenna Houses.  We left the boys in Ellensburg with Nana and that made this work trip feel kind of like a baby moon.  (I know, my vacation standards are loooow!)  Besides all the cleaning and trimming, we made it to a late showing of Wonder Woman which was SO good (and for the record, late means 7 o'clock ;), plus we caught a happy hour and made a relaxed stroll through Target.  None of those things are feasible with two-soon-to-be-three young kids, so it was a real luxury!

The Grit and Polish - Dexter Me Making Bed

Well it's Friday and I have some great links and inspiration for you guys, but before I dive into it, I want to thank everyone who weighed in on last week's post.  Your feedback was really appreciated and encouraging and I cannot wait to get started on some new content!  This little online community is pretty special to me and I appreciate that you're here!

Okay, now it's time to grab that cup of coffee and dig into all that the internet provided this week:

Ship-la-what?  An answer to your burning question, what exactly is shiplap?

Speaking of horizontal boards, the king and queen of shiplap (aka Chip and Joanna Gaines) are on a magazine cover and this behind the scenes video made me like them even more.  These guys know hard work!

Burts Bris Please Sign

Loved this sign on Bri's Instagram feed (quote by Kristin Joiner).  If we could all just raise our kids with tolerance, love, and kindness :)

Dying to get my hands on this cake stand or really anything from this shop!

I've been pretty lax in making 4th of July plans since I've been secretly hoping that baby girl will come that day (who doesn't want fireworks on their birthday?!), but now that we're almost here, I realize that we have a super fun holiday coming up with no plans!  Soooooo I'm thinking a low key bbq, kiddie pool, and these saltine/brownie/ice cream sandwiches.  Or the birth of a baby girl.  We shall see ;)

Been thinking of buying this cookbook for Garrett because those recipes look delicious and Garrett knows his way around the inside of a kitchen!

Hope you have a great weekend!