Farmhouse Nursery // 9 Finds for our Baby Girl (So Far)

THE FARMHOUSE Considering that our baby girl is due in just ELEVEN days, this introduction to her nursery is a little overdue.  But before I dive in, I want to wish you and your's a very happy Forth of July!  This has always been one of my favorite holidays, and even though we haven't stayed up late enough to watch fireworks in a few years (four years to be exact...ahem, babies ;), I still love the excitement of the day.  May your holiday be safe and full of perfectly-cooked hamburgers, dazzling fireworks, and spiked sweet tea (or maybe just sparkling water if you have a similar condition to me).

Now on to the nursery...

The Grit and Polish - Nursery Design Ideas Vintage Basket

I've been collecting ideas for a baby girl's nursery since I found out that I was pregnant with my first baby, almost 5 years ago.  In my heart of hearts I always doubted that I'd have a girl - I'm not really sure why - but it made dreaming up a girl's nursery all the more fun.  And for the record, I am beyond excited to have been wrong!

Collecting dresses, furniture, vintage decor, and sweet accents for this baby has been a real joy.  And I'm excited to show you what I've found thus far!

The Grit and Polish - Nursery Dresser and StuffThe Grit and Polish - Baby Girl Dresses Hung on DresserThe Grit and Polish - Nursery Design Etsy Art

Baby girl's nursery won't have a theme, per se.  It's more of a feeling I'd like to evoke: eternal summer, with a healthy dose of country, vintage, femininity, and a sprinkle of whimsy.  That sounds like a lot, but hopefully it all comes together seamlessly, anchored in white, and with the feeling that everything has been collected over time (which wouldn't be too far from the truth).

So let's talk about what I've found for the space thus far (similar products shown in place of vintage, one-of-a-kind, or items I couldn't otherwise find):

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1. RUG

I'm reusing a couple of rugs that we already have for this space: the beautiful 5x8 Skyline rug (shown above), layered over a neutral 8x10 jute rug.


I still adore the wallpaper that we put in the nursery's closet, so it is definitely staying, but this time the closet will function as an actual closet instead of housing the crib like it did for Brooks.  I imagine putting this dresser in the closet, in front of the fun wallpaper, since there is plenty of room in there to change a baby's diaper and hang up lots of cute dresses on a traditional hanging rod.


This basket came from our local antique store and I adore it!  It'll be used for extra storage - probably blankets or books.


We should probably all take a moment to appreciate those french shoes.  Seriously, have you ever seen anything sweeter?!  I kinda feel like I need to apologize to my daughter in advance for all the floral dresses and vintage-inspired shoes she will be wearing.  Hopefully she likes feminine outfits.  But if not, I figure I have a good 18 months until she can voice her opinion on the matter, and I intend to live it up ;)


My mom sewed the 2 pillows in the picnic basket (thanks mom!!!) from fabrics I've collected.  The floral pattern is a Rifle Paper Co print (I included the pink version in the links above) and the striped pillow is actually 2 dishtowels from Anthropologie sewn together. I'll layer these pillows over some others that I've collected plus I'm hoping to sweet talk my mom into making that fun dragon print fabric into another pillow too ;)


I bought three animal heads from Target a few months back after eyeing them for pretty much forever. They are just too cute and should add a fun, whimsical touch to baby girl's nursery!

7. ART

You guys may remember that we put art/book ledges in this room back when Brooks was a baby, and I'll be keeping them for baby girl.  I'm collecting some art from Etsy (shown above) and will likely pair them with some vintage pieces or photographs.


The animal knobs on the dresser came from Anthropologie and were marked down over 75% off (I always love a good deal!).  But I could only find 3 bunnies and 2 lions, so I'm on the hunt for one last nob (the missing nob is conveniently hidden behind the hanging dress).


Speaking of the dresser, I bought this one to store clothes and put a changing pad on. When our boys were babies, I used antique dressers as changing tables in both of their rooms, and both times I regretted it (for the functionality aspect only). When you have a wriggly baby on a changing table and are holding them down with one hand, and the other hand is wrestling stubborn, antique drawers to find wipes and a change of clothes, it's just not pretty.  So I'm happy to say that this dresser's drawers open easily!

The Grit and Polish - Nursery Design Ideas Dresser

I always intended to add a pop of color in this room by painting the dresser, but I've been dragging my feet because I can't decide which paint color to use.  I'd love to get your input, so hop on over to Instagram on Wednesday to check out the options and tell me which color you like best!

You may be surprised to hear that even though I'm due in eleven days (!!!), I'm in no rush to get this space put together. Baby girl will probably come late like her brothers did, plus she'll sleep in our room for awhile after she's born.  So we have plenty of time to get this room ready and I'm going to take my time to make sure it gets put together just right.  Plus this is almost certainly (like 99.99% certainly) the last nursery I get to design for my family, so I want to enjoy it!

The Grit and Polish - Nursery Design Ideas Vintage Basket and French Shoes

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I've collected so far!  Any must-haves you have when designing a nursery?



p.s. What this room looked like when Brooks was in here and where we started from.