Happy Friday + Links 7/28/17

Happy Friday!  How was your week?  Mine was slow - to be expected when you're 41+ weeks pregnant - but also really good.  There was lots of time spent at home with Garrett and the boys, waiting, walking, and napping.  But most importantly, the raspberry vines are overrun with ripe fruit, which really makes it impossible to be anything but happy.  By the way, I scheduled this post on Thursday, so check on Instagram to see our baby girl when she arrives.  If she's not here soon, I'll be induced, so we're really down to 'any day' now!!! Well there was lots of great finds on the internet this week.  So grab a cup of coffee and dig into these links:

Seven questions to ask yourself before buying a fixer upper.

This week's #howyouhome topic on Instagram was a call to see unique architecture in your home. This is how I answered the question, but I'd love to know what your response would be.  Do you have anything really unique?  Or maybe you are more like me and love all the architecture in your home...?

The Grit and Polish - Nursery Crib and Pregnancy 41+5

Sometimes you end up more pregnant than you ever thought possible (like 41 weeks and 5 days).  But a little extra time during pregnancy can be a good thing too.  I started working on the nursery last week and our crib just arrived (I priced it everywhere and it was cheapest at Target).  We still need to buy a mattress and crib sheet before baby can lay in here (I stole Brooks' mattress for this photo and this blanket is covering it), but it's a start!

Park and Oak Kitchen


This kitchen blew me away and apparently half of the internet feels the same way because I've seen it everywhere. But it's too good not to share here.  And no surprise, but it's by Park and Oak Design and part of their #POwilmettereno project.

I bought this dress in 2 colors and I'm hoping they'll be the perfect summer dress for hanging around the Farmhouse (and for nursing).

Getting a wee bit excited to have an adult drink again!

Wishing you the happiest of weekends.