She's Here!


THE FARMHOUSE She's here!  Our sweet baby girl, Daphne Garrett Poshusta arrived on 7/27 at 7:24pm, right here at the Farmhouse.  She's 9lbs and 20" of pure snuggly goodness and we are so in love!


Our sweet baby Daphne was born at 7:24pm after 13 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing.  I'm so indebted to our wonderful midwives, Garrett, and my sister for their kindness, strength, and persistence in helping me bring this sweet baby into the world.  Because in the end, she was worth every second of it!

The Grit and Polish - Baby Girl Initials

A little about her name.  Daphne's middle name is obviously in honor of her dada, which we chose both because Garrett is such a good dad (and I happen to love his name) and also because I think it's pretty special for a little girl to be named after her dad.  Daphne's first name is one that has topped our 'girl name' list since we first got pregnant with Wilder some 5 odd years ago.  We are so happy/thankful/excited that our baby Daphne is finally here!

We're enjoying some quiet time at home this week as we get to know our newest little one and adjust to life as a family of 5, but I'll be back to posting regularly next week (I think) with some content on our home office and the Porch House.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to get my newborn snuggles while the getting is good...



p.s. Brooks' birth at the Dexter House