Happy Friday + Links 7/7/17

Happy Friday to you!  We've had a bit of an up and down week around here.  There's so much joy and excitement in our home as we prepare to welcome baby girl (I'm 39 weeks pregnant), but we had a sad event happen last week that left us all teary-eyed and reeling.  Our beloved dog, Hacker Pschorr, passed away after 9 years as part of our family.  In the course of one day, Hacker went from the healthy and energetic pup we had always known, to a seizure-ridden dog unable to stand and unresponsive to medication capable of knocking out dogs twice his size.  My sister-in-law/vet rushed to our local animal hospital and gave us the sad prognosis: there was little hope.  At 6pm, we had to put Hacker down. Hacker Boy was one of the good ones.  A beloved member of our family.  My running/hiking partner.  The fetching star at every dog park he went to.  Our boys' first pet.  And a frequent pain in my ass.  But goodness did I love that dog!  And while he didn't deserve to go like that, I am thankful that his illness didn't drag out (it sounds like he either had a brain tumor or got into some nasty toxins).

We will miss you Hacker Boy!

Hacker as a Puppy

Despite the sadness, we did manage to have a lot of fun around here.  Since I'm super pregnant, we found someone to help with our Seattle rentals, meaning less awkward bed making for me and more time for hanging with the boys, nesting, and baking/canning/etc at the Farmhouse.  It's been a blessing having this extra time with my boys before baby arrives and uses up all my attention.  But for the record, I'm ready for our sweet little girl to get here already!

Well it's Friday, meaning it's time to grab a cup of coffee and dig into these links!

I took the boys to pick out a "welcome to the family" gift for baby girl, and each selected one of these adorable stuffed fruits/veggies (how cute is the green bean?!).

How to afford home projects while building financial freedom.  Kim has her head on straight and there's lots of great advice in here (especially "Don't be normal.").

Hooray for blue and white kitchens!  And a double hooray for including the 6-day-kitchen reno!

How to foster creativity at work (or just life in general).

I'm on the lookout for a comfy glider.  With every pregnancy, I've promised myself one but have yet to actually buy one.  That's probably because they're so dang expensive.  I've been dreaming about this one or this one, but they are such splurges.  I'd love recommendations if you have a cozy rocker/glider that you love, especially if it didn't cost a small fortune!

It recently hit me that I'm about done being pregnant...forever!  Which means I get to indulge in the occasional beer, glass of wine, and most definitely these tequila popsicles!

Hope you have a great weekend!