Happy Holidays & A 2015 Recap


Happy holidays everyone!  I hope you get to enjoy time with all who are dear this holiday season and maybe if you're lucky, they will help you with a house project or two:-).  We'll be heading over to Nana and Papa's farm for a little break as we soak up our first holiday season as a family of 4.  But before I go, here's a few of my favorite moments from the year: Poshusta Year in Review 2015 Collage

Brooks' birth. Because babies trump all things.  Always.

Moving into the Dexter House (before my due date)

Our Ravenna kitchen on BobVila.com

Replacing the Dexter kitchen floors

Filming a mini TV-pilot

Dexter kitchen drywall and cabinets

Building a new fireplace and tiling it

Wilder's second birthday

Refinishing old radiators

An antique-quilt teepee

The mudroom, because it's a fun space

Our tiny master bathroom, before and after

The smallest sink. Ever.

And lastly, two big events: our 10-year anniversary and Garrett's PhD

A huge Happy Holidays to all of you!  Here's to what's next in 2016!



p.s. How the Gaines decorate for Christmas!

p.p.s. Pinterest has had some great stuff this year (okay, every year!).  Here are a few of my favorite kitchens (this one, and this one, and this one with that ceiling), indoor and outdoor spaces (this one and this one), and country houses (this one and this one)!

p.p.p.s. A grand old house. In the Vermont countryside. With a Christmas tree farm attached.  And it's for sale!.  Be still my heart!