Happy Labor Day + Links

THE FARMHOUSE Happy Labor Day! It may be September (how...?!), but I'm just not ready for Fall.

So we're soaking in summer this weekend. We're grilling dinner, eating ice cream, and dining alfresco. And celebrating one little guy's special day...my nephew George's first birthday! Auntie Sis (that's me) made two birthday cakes for him, one he can destroy and one for us to enjoy.

My nephew George's first birthday cakeThe Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Pottery Apple Bread 2

(Those stunning bowls are from Farmhouse Pottery and were the sweetest house warming gift from my sis!)

Georgie and his family are coming into town tonight along with two other families (ten house guests in total...!!!) for the local fair and rodeo. So Garrett and I are stocking the pantry and scrubbing the floors, not to mention making a whole lot of beds!  Wilder keeps asking, "are they coming today? today?". Well today is the day, buddy.  TODAY!

Wilder's bedroom, currently

That's Wilder's bedroom, which is far from finished, but it's a start nonetheless. His cousins will be camping out in here with him tonight and I'm sure a whole lot more silliness than sleep will take place. But hey, isn't that what weekends like this are all about when you're young?

In case you already finished your cleaning for the weekend, here are some cool things to check out from around the web:

// Loving this renovation. What a beauty.

// Eyeing 59 national wonders.The National Park Service turned 100 earlier this month so go ahead, take a moment to appreciate nature. Also: thanks Orlando for reminding me and sharing your childhood home!

// Serving this potato salad and our favorite local bratwursts this weekend.

// Reading this. In another life, I fought forest fires and rappelled out of helicopters, so this is making me nostalgic.

// Coveting these housewares: this hammockthis chair, and these mugs.

// Baking my way through this cookbook (well I'm on cake #1, but I have plans...).

The Grit and Polish - Birthday Cake 2

Happy Labor Day!