Happy Thanksgiving

A Beautiful Mess - Happy Thanksgiving Garland

(image via a Beautiful Mess)

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  We're spending the holiday with Wilder's 5 cousins, 6 aunties and uncles, 2 doggies, and my folks.  It's sure to be a busy, crazy, happy, and delicious holiday here in Seattle.

At Thanksgiving, I like to remind myself of all the things I'm thankful for.  And there is a LOT to be thankful for in my life.  Starting with that sweet baby boy of mine, the amazing, steadfast partner I get to call my husband, my friends, my family, and lest us not forget I get to fix up old houses and share it with all of you.  I'm really thankful for your part in the Grit and Polish.  Following along means the world to me, so thank you.

May you have a happy turkey day and share it with those you love!  And get stuffed!



p.s.  This Thanksgiving etiquette guide seems important.  But really, can you expect a girl to remember 61 bullet points...?!

p.p.s. Tips for the perfect all-butter pie crust.  I think we all need these.  Thanks Joy!

p.p.p.s. The Nugget is done.  And I officially want a camper.