January: By the Numbers

Hi guys! Well we made it to the end of January and it's been a busy month.
January marks 4 tons of concrete poured in the basement, 5 inspections passed, 1 tile saw purchased,  1100 feet of electrical wire installed, 8 plumbing fixtures roughed in, 6 cabinets in the kitchen, 4 teeth for baby Wilder, and 2 nights in the dogspital for Bubba (poor guy). Plus Garrett and I made it to our first movie date since I was pregnant and I flew to Arizona with Wilder to meet his brand new cousin.  In fact I'm posting this from sunny Phoenix. It's 75 degrees!  Not too shabby.    Here are the pics:

Photo 1: Upstairs bathroom floor progress (eeeech!)
Photo 2: Upstairs bathroom progress
Photo 3: Upstairs bedroom
Photo 4: Kitchen progress
Photo 5: Buba beauty shot (and Garrett working behind him)
Photo 6: Kitchen pre-cabinet progress
Photo 7: Kitchen window with base cabinet and bench installed
Photo 8: Furnace install
Photo 9: Electrical Panel
Phew! A pretty eventful month.  But don't worry, there's much more to come in February...
I'll delve deeper into these spaces as we get farther along.  But for now, these photos give you a good idea of what the Ravenna House looks like!
xoxo p.s. why don't we live somewhere warmer...?!