A Lesson in Procrastination


Hi All!  Well I learned an important lesson this week.  

When you design a kitchen around a certain sink, buy that sink right away. Just do it. Immediately.  Because if you sit on your laurels and twiddle your thumbs, when you finally do get around to buying that sink, it may just be out of stock.  

I'm just saying.  

At the Ravenna House we planned on using Ikea's Domsjo single-bowl, apron-front sink in the kitchen (here).  It's cheap, classic, and deep as an ocean. And just like we did at our Bryant House, we were going to undermount it.  Like so:

Undermount Domsjo Sink | The Bryant House

It took a little brain power to design the sink base cabinet at the Bryant House.  There were a couple good tutorials on the web (I checked out what Jessie and Rick did here.)  And this is the detail of the sink base cabinet we developed:

The Domsjo is only $189.  It's a good $200 cheaper than any other apron-front sink I have found, so it was worth the effort of a custom cabinet.  So when we it came to designing the kitchen at the Ravenna House, there was no question, we were going to use the same sink.  I had a carpenter build the same cabinet and then we painted it and installed it.  But I didn't pick up the sink right away.  Not sure why.  I just didn't.  And what do you know, when I finally checked last week, Ikea is out of stock.  And they had no idea when they'd get in more.

So, what next?

I freaked out!  

But only for a second.  Because what is a renovation really without problems? Kinda boring.  So I pulled it together and looked on Amazon and found a lovely, in-stock, undermount, apron-front sink that will be at our house on Wednesday (here).    

And although it's an inch shorter than the Ikea sink, we should...no we WILL be able to make it fit.  Have faith, people!  It will be lovely

So what's the lesson?  Don't wait or it will cost you $200.  Bam!  Whoever said good-things-come-to-those-who-wait were clearly misguided.  

Has something like this ever happened to you?  Come on, I can't be the only one!  


p.s. I watched this awesome 12-minute Ted Talk on happiness and work this week (here).  Thanks for tweeting it, Ivanka Trump.  Kinda random, I know, but it's so awesome I had to share!

p.p.s. I bought something for the kitchen that I said I wouldn't.  It's white, gray, and beautiful all over.  Hint, hint...