Master Bedroom Inspiration

THE DEXTER HOUSE I've been spending a lot of time looking at bedrooms lately as inspiration for the Dexter House.  I'm almost ashamed to admit how much time I spend on Pinterest.  What I've found is that I'm into all things white and wood, romantic, old-world, and vintage.  Without further ado, let me show you a couple bedrooms that I'm really digging...

The Grit and Polish - Master Bedroom Inspiration Vintage Whites Blog

(Vintage Whites Blog)

The Grit and Polish - Master Bedroom Inspiration Dustjacket


The Grit and Polish - Master Bedroom Inspiration Vintage Home

(Vintage Home)

And finally, here's what I'm thinking for our actual bedroom:

Romantic European-Inspired Master Bedroom Resources: PhotoBrass lamp | King bed linen | Pot | Bone inlay mirror | Grass basket | Lavender | Linen pillow | Metal occasional table

I'm dreaming of linen bedding, natural colors, a pop of blue in an ethnic printed mirror, and a whole lot of airy relaxation. Plus some bronze accents for a little bit of modern adultness.  If that's a thing.  The inspiration board is a mix of things we have and my dream list for our bedroom.  We won't be buying new linen sheets or $400 brass wall lights since that's just not in the budget, but a girl can dream!  Oh and lest you forgot, I already found our wood headboard on Craigslist.  Cannot wait to see that massive thing on our wall!

What do you think?  Do you like the direction I'm taking our master bedroom?