Renovating with Toddler: Work Clothes


When it comes to getting a toddler interested in working with mama and dada, it helps to have special duds for the occasion.  I mean, what kid doesn't love dress up?!  And Wilder is no exception.  When ever dada puts on his work boots, Wilder dances around, begging to put on his own work boots.  And if we set his Carhartt overalls out, oh man, you had better watch out!  He will drag us out the door to get to work.  Work clothes help get our toddler excited about working, plus they have the added benefit of keeping him dry in the Seattle rain and owee free!  Here's a rundown of the clothes we've found are essential for a work-loving toddler.

Carhartt Overalls, Amazon - work pants are essential for a busy toddler, especially when you're working outside.  These overalls are our favorite - they're easy on and off and really durable. A good pair of thick jeans would work too.

Rain Coat, K-Way - we found Wilder one of these jackets on clearance at J.Crew last fall.  Since we live in Seattle, a rain coat is an essential kids item, but it really came in handy while we were building the shed this winter.

Flannel Shirt, J.Crew- Wilder has a few flannels he wears while working.  I buy them from J.Crew when I find them on sale because you can't beat the quality but he also has some handmedowns from his cousin Walty too.  In the summer months, we substitute short sleeve shirts or tank tops for these.

Kids Work Gloves, Home Depot - Wilder loves his work gloves and he shows us by wearing them around the house. All. The. Time!  And when we're working on projects outside or in, these are perfect for keeping his hands owee free.

Wool Socks, Smartwool - these wool socks are essential when we're working outside in the rain.  They keep Wilder's feet dry and warm.  I've been wearing (and loving) Smartwools for years, so I was really excited to find they make kids socks too!

Timberland Boots, Zappos - sure, these boots are spendy (I think we paid $65 for them), but they are worth every penny!  These boots keep Wilder's feet owe free when he's hanging around the nails, wood, and tools at our construction sites.  We bought the boots extra big so there's room for Wilder to grow into them plus they're so durable that they should last for baby #2 too!

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