Our Bedroom: The Place Where Clothes go to Die

THE RAVENNA HOUSE Oh our bedroom.  The place where clothes go to die.  Seriously.  One minute my jeans are in a big brown box next to another brown box of shoes under a small-yet-completely-unorganized stack of belts and the next they're missing.  How can I possibly find an outfit to wear for a baby shower I'm hosting when I can't even find a pair of pants to wear?  Even worse, how can we possibly unpack that brown box of shoes or the jeans if we ever find them onto one 6' hanging rod and into 9  of the shortest drawers I've ever seen?  Well that, my friends, is a story for another day.  One for after we figure it out ourselves.

In the mean time, I thought I'd show you what the bedroom looks like now, six months after we bought the Ravenna House.  The room isn't big, about 140sf.  Just enough space to fit a bed, dresser, and nightstands.  And sometimes an energetic baby.  I've furnished it mostly with stuff we had - family pieces and a few things we've bought along the way.

Here it is, the bedroom:

IMG_9082PicMonkey Bedroom Collage 2 4-9-14IMG_9129PicMonkey Bedroom Collage 5 4-9-14IMG_9097

Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, 50% tint | Doors and Trim Paint: Benjamin Moore Simply White | Door Hardware: Home Depot | Bamboo Blinds: Home Depot | Nightstands: Antique, Great Grandma Ellen | Quilt: Martha Stewart, gift from my mom | Dresser: Antique, Craigslist |Rug: West Elm, old so probably discontinued | Table Lights: Ikea | Gold Side table: Urban Outfitters | Inlaid Box on nightstand: Serena and Lily, old so probably discontinued | Mirror on nightstand: Home Depot | Ikat Pillows: Etsy

There's still a lot of finishing work to do in this room before I will call it done.  There's not a single picture hung.  The headboard hasn't been put up.  We are in desperate need of some shelves in the closet and some hooks on the back of the doors.  And don't even get me started on how dirty those windows are.  But at least the major renovations are done.

And speaking of renovations, why can't they always be as simple as this room was?  We mostly did cosmetic upgrades besides the heating and electrical. We had the floors refinished, painted throughout, added a new light and door hardware and that was pretty much it.   All in all, a relatively easy and minor renovation, compared to the rest of the Ravenna House.

Because this blog is called the Grit and Polish, I figure I have an unsung promise to you guys to show the bad with the good.  So here it is, the inside of the closet.


Yeah, like I said, a mess!  Be glad your clothes don't live here.


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