Wiring in the Dark, Spidery Attic

THE DEXTER HOUSE There comes a time in every renovation when you *may* regret your decision to buy an old house.  It usually comes mid-way through the project, say about the time you have to rough-in the ceiling lights.  Add in a flat roof, only 12" of attic space, spider webs, blown in-insulation and rows of old (disconnected) knob and tube to get caught up in, and well you may just find yourself saying "old houses suck!"

The Grit and Polish - Ceiling Rough In

Yes, that's a picture of Garrett's legs sandwiched between the ceiling joists and the roof joists of the Dexter House from a couple months ago.  He's attempting to feed wire from a switch in the wall to the future kitchen ceiling light.  And it was at this precise moment, when the old part of this house renovation officially got on my bad side.

Honestly, I was ready to throw in the towel and skip ceiling lights all together.  I mean 12 inches of space to work in.  What can you do in 12 inches?!  Is that even technically an attic, or more like a place for spiders to breed?  But Garrett is a trooper.  He quietly put on his jumpsuit, pulled on a mask, and climbed up into the dark, spidery crevice.

The Grit and Polish - Ceiling Electrical Rough In 2

Papa and I were happy to stay down below and feed Garrett wire, drills, a sawsal, flashlights, and anything else he requested.  To Papa and my credit, neither of us could really fit in the attic (12 inches is just too small for an old wrestler and a 30-week pregnant lady), so yeah, it was all Garrett.

The Grit and Polish - Ceiling Rough In Papa

We finally did get the wire into the ceiling fixture.  It took a good 45 minutes, and Garrett came down covered in insulation and sweat (and undoubtedly a spider bite or two), but this old house will have a ceiling light in the kitchen to show for his effort!

The Grit and Polish - Ceiling Rough In GarrettThe Grit and Polish - Kitchen Ceiling Light Rough In Wire

Once that this task was finished *I officially retracted all negative statements made about old houses*!

Okay, now for a peak at how the kitchen ceiling turned out.

The Grit and Polish - kitchen finished ceiling

It looks a lot better now, right!

And for the record, if it's ever not been clear, renovating old houses is not glamorous. Or clean. Or even remotely easy.  But it sure is fun!