Wilder's Nursery Re-Reveal


THE RAVENNA HOUSE Over the past couple of months, I've made a few changes to Wilder's nursery.  Because this kiddo is getting older.  Like noticeably older.  He's really more toddler than baby now and while I love love love this age, I find myself missing my baby who wanted to be held.  All. The. Time.

I remember when I first got pregnant, I thought I'd do up the nursery and that would be it until Wilder reached say high school.  But now I realize that kiddos change quickly and so do their needs.  Their spaces should evolve along with them, especially when that space doubles as a toy room, a reading room, a hang-out room and a run-around-with-your-pants-off room.  For Wilder, that is!  So I've been making steady adjustments like:

  • Removing receiving blankets and other baby paraphernalia
  • Changing the pictures on the walls to things he likes and I can stand to look at too
  • Finding more storage for toys, art supplies, and books, books, books
  • Bringing in the large world map and one of my favorites from childhood - the antique globe 
  • Displaying some of Wilder's best artwork masterpieces

Here, have a look:

The Grit and Polish - Wilder's Nursery Crib     The Grit and Polish - Wilder's Nursery Details Collage 2The Grit and Polish - Wilder's Nursery reading with Mama

I'm going for an adventure theme with elements of travel.  Hopefully that's obvious.  I think exploring and adventure is an important piece of a well-lived life and I want my kiddo to be surrounded by that.  Plus Wilder is pretty adventurous, so it fits him.

The Grit and Polish - Wilder's Nursery Family Photos

Wilder's never really taken to stuffies, but I keep trying.  Because they really are the cutest.  The stacks of books aren't just decoration.  This busy kid loves to read (I told you about that last month).  He'll actually page through books and babble to himself like he's reading the story all by himself.  I suppose he is.  So sweet Mr. Wilder!

The Grit and Polish - Six of Wilder's Favorite Books

The frame photographs over the crib is from Costco (I did a quick preview of that here) plus one of my Uncle John mountain-climbing in Alaska.  I'm happy with how this mini-gallery-wall turned out.  I love the photographs and the monochromatic-ish look.  I hope Wilder likes to stare at those images as he drifts into peaceful slumber and sleeps all night.  Did you hear me Mister?  Sleeps ALL night!

The quilt on the chair was made by Wilder's Bunia (my mom).  I leave it there in an attempt at covering the I'm-not-sure-it's-granny-chic-or-just-plain-ugly cushions on the rocker.  But the rocker is so cozy and essential to our cuddle-sessions that I absolutely could not live without it.  But I'd definitely think about getting it reupholstered some day - anyone have a good suggestion for a local Seattle upholster?

I hope you guys like Wilder's nursery half as much as I do.  It's a real pleasure to spend time in there with my little guy.  Especially dance parties.  Pants optional!

The Grit and Polish - Wilder's Nursery play

You can read more about the nursery renovation here.

Resources: Wall paint: BM Revere Pewter | Trim paint: BM Simply White | Door Knob: Home Depot| Blinds: Home Depot | Wool Rug: Land of Nod | Crib: Pottery Barn | bookcase and baskets: Ikea | dresser: vintage, Craigslist | crib sheet and changing pad cover: Land of Nod (similar to) | Overhead light: Amazon | Hanging light: West Elm | letter “W”: Anthropologie | Simon the Whale stuffie:Land of Nod | Porkie Pig stuffie: Land of Nod | Fox stuffie on nightstand: Amazon | Large fox stuffie in crib: old from Anthropologie | Dancing figurines: Ikea | Tassle garland: Shop Sweet Lulu (small foxes from Rejuvenation) | Hanging owl: Etsy | Quilt: made by my mother | Photos over crib: Costco and family | Picture frames: Ikea | Globe: antique | World map: Amazon 

I'd love to hear what you think!  Is the space too grown up for a little guy, or does it fit the bill?



p.s. I get a little carried away pinning nurseries...but there are some really awesome spaces out there!

p.p.s. Are you kidding me with this 1700's New York home.  Stunning!  I especially love the hardwood floors and the paint colors in the kitchen.

p.p.p.s. This video of the sun is amazing - had me totally entranced.  It'll be fun to show it to Wilder too!