I Have My Eye on You: Portland Fixer

PORTLAND, OR Well we're back from Sonoma (more on that after my wine fog clears) and I have to show you guys a house I've been eyeing.  If you're been following the Grit and Polish, then you know that I love old houses,  especially ones that are in some state of decay.  And this house fits the bill.  The only problem is that it's 200 miles away in Portland, Oregon...

1711 NE 72nd Ave Portland OR 1

Isn't it lovely?  I particularly like the blue tarp on the roof!  Here's the interior:

Portland House Collage

Photos via Windermere Steller/Scott Anthony

I make no claims on the neighborhood/location, but as far as the house goes.  Love.  Big full-heart love.  I mean yeah, it needs a lot of work.  But the built-ins, unpainted millwork, box-beams, clawfoot tub, wallpaper...it calls to me.   Loudly.  Kind of like an angel's trumpet.  And at $204,900, it's listed for about $95k below the Zestimate and $165k less than they foreclosed on it for earlier this year, so seems like it could be a good deal.

Why do you guys think?  Am I crazy?  Or does your heart swoon when you see a house like this too?