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Farmhouse Kitchen // Picking our Unlacquered Brass Hardware

Brass was the metal of choice in most turn-of-the-century homes, at least the ones I’ve seen, and not surprisingly our Farmhouse is full of it. Doorknobs, sash locks, cabinet latches…it’s everywhere! And I’m so glad because it’s my favorite metal finish.

When it came time to pick the hardware for our Farmhouse kitchen renovation, there was no question it would be brass too. And to be sure the new brass ages well and patinas like the old brass, I picked out an unlacquered finish (also called living, unfinished, or raw).

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What Our Garden Renovation Cost

We didn’t exactly have a budget going into our garden project. It was more like a spend-as-little-as-we-can-while-still-making-it-beautiful type situation. And now that everything is done, I wanted to share the final number.

Keep reading for a breakdown of expenses as well as a few tips on how we kept our expenses so low. And in case you were expecting a full reveal of this space…I promise, it’s coming. Just as soon as the vegetables grow a bit more and the berries ripen…

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Our Garden Patio is Ready for Summer (Plus a Giveaway!)

Make sure to enter The Company Store giveaway at the end of this post for a chance to win a San Mateo patio set (the same collection as our’s)!!! Giveaway closes June 9th.

Our garden patio is done! And I’m pretty sure we’re going to be out here every day until Labor Day…or maybe even Thanksgiving. This garden is basically my dream outdoor space and now that it’s done, I keep pinching myself. Who knew this lovely garden was hidden under that Jumanji-style, overgrown wilderness?!

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A Garden Enthusiast Plans a Garden

A garden enthusiast…that’s me. I’m far from an expert when it comes to gardening. Heck, I’ve killed every indoor fiddle-leaf fig tree I’ve ever bought. But I grew up with a vegetable garden in the backyard and I have high hopes that our kids will too. It’s a pretty cool thing to know where your food comes from and the effort it takes to produce it.

So this year we made it a goal to tame our wild garden area, plant some vegetables, and create a relaxing seating and eating area to enjoy our summer evenings in.

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A Farmhouse Laundry Room Design + an Update

Remember our laundry room? That one we’ve been working on at a snails pace? Well it finally has a functioning washer and dryer (!!!), and we’ve made some other progress too. So today I’m sharing our design plan, a construction update, and all that good stuff. Despite our slow pace, I’m really happy with the decisions we’ve made. And I won’t be surprised if this tiny room ends up my favorite spot in the house. Yes, really!

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