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A Farmhouse Laundry Room Design + an Update

Remember our laundry room? That one we’ve been working on at a snails pace? Well it finally has a functioning washer and dryer (!!!), and we’ve made some other progress too. So today I’m sharing our design plan, a construction update, and all that good stuff. Despite our slow pace, I’m really happy with the decisions we’ve made. And I won’t be surprised if this tiny room ends up my favorite spot in the house. Yes, really!

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Staring the Laundry Room…Demo and Plumbing!

Before we could really dig into our kitchen remodel, the washing machine and dryer needed to be relocated. They sat in our future pantry, which of course, just wouldn’t do. These machines get a lot of use (with 3 young kids and country mud, I mean a lot!) and we didn’t want to go without them for long. So the new laundry room became phase 1 of our kitchen project, which we kicked off last week!

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