We Passed!



Hey Guys! Well, we passed.

Plumbing cover inspection. Check.

Electrical service inspection. Check.

Electrical cover inspection. Check, check, check! 

It may not be the Bar Exam but passing is passing and it feels damn good! 

Of course that means no more lazing about the house eating stale fruit cake and watching Juan Pablo (hey, it happens). It's go time! We're on to drywalling in the kitchen, a sink in the bathroom, framing in the basement, and paint in the bedrooms. 

Here are a couple progress shots from this week:

     Photo 1: progress on tiling the upstairs bath
     Photo 2: Prepping the basement bath slab (featuring dear old dad-in-law)
     Photo 3: the basement bath concrete pour and you can just make out electric floor heat (!)
     Photo 4: the basement bath slab poured.

That's all I've got for you right now.  More next week!


p.s. I was serious when I asked for ideas on the wood window in the shower! What do I do with it (besides paint it?!