Bathroom Update: Pink Tiles No More!


Hey guys! I'm happy to report that the pink tiles are gone! Every. Last. Bit. Oh that feels good! 

Here are the progress photos post demo:

We added 3/4" plywood on the lower half of the walls where we took off the tiles (and lath and plaster - we replaced all the plumbing in the walls) and tile backer around the tub from floor to ceiling. You may have noticed the original wood window in the shower...well that's going to stay since it's the only source of natural light in the room, although I'm not sure how I'll keep water off of it when people actually shower in there. Any ideas? Hubby then covered the plywood with pine wainscott, which will get a nice top rail-shelf (technical term) and a couple coats of Benjamin Moore's Simply White.

But it's not all rainbows and roses in our pink bathroom.  It turns out that removing old lineoleum flooring is a pain in the arse! 

The flooring comes up in a couple different layers: first the plasticky top layer, then the paper-type layer which is held down tight by some glue. And that glue is a real bear! I mean the top layer came up easy enough (albeit slowly) with a scraper and hammer alternated with a multi-tool equipped with a scrapper blade. But the paper/glue combo well that stuff could have held together Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. It's that stickey! 

So a few hours of scrapping, a beer, and a sore back later, I gave up. Just like Jessica and Nick. 

At least for now...

Oops how did that sneak in there?!  Pretty cute boys, huh ;)