Renovation Thoughts for the Holidays


Hi there - so we haven't gotten much done on the house this week since we were out of town spending time with family for the holidays.

Traveling to and from our sleepy hometown, we had lots of time in the car and I got to thinking...

My ideal New Years would be a night with my husband, dry-wallling the kitchen.  
Waste not, want not! I believe in reusing everything you can from an old house, beginning with the house, itself.
If you're going to own one power tool, make it a cordless drill.  I don't care if you're a single gal in an apartment or an avid DIY-er, everyone can use a cordless drill!
And if you're going to own three power tools, make it a cordless drill, a compound miter saw, and a table saw.
There's something magical about old houses - maybe it's the windows and moldings, maybe it's the lives that have been lived in them.
Renovating is more fun with a beer in hand.  I'm not talking a half-rack people...just a beer.  It makes the job feel less like work and more like fun!
When in doubt, shim it.  And then caulk it. 
Always, always, always wear a mask.  Make it a P-100 for particles or an organic vapor respirator for fumes.  Lungs are forever!
And while we're talking about safety, don't forget the ear plugs and safety glasses.  And gloves, good shoes, and thick, long-sleeved clothes.  You seriously can't be too careful!
Baby's aren't baby's for long. Hold them! Snuggle them! Spoil them! And some day they will grow into wonderful hard-working renovators!
I've never regretted choosing a neutral paint color or a classic design.  
and one more...
When choosing a life partner, pick one that knows the back end from the front end of a sawsal. 
Happy New Year!