Going on Vacation


We've had a lot of ups and downs this year.  Lately it seems like more downs than up.  But that's all about to change.  Because it's December!  The month of holidays, parties, family, and one special gentleman's birthday.  So those downs are about to be a thing of the past.  I have a lot of good in my life and a lot to look forward to, so I am declaring December going-to-be-awesome month! And speaking of looking forward...

Garrett and I are going to Sonoma!  Today!  It's a spur of the moment trip to celebrate Garrett's birthday and part of my "going-be-be-awesome month" campaign.  It's actually the first time I'll spend a night away from Wilder in his 17 1/2 months of life. I'm 1 part anxious and 9 parts giddy about it.  Mostly I'm just excited to sleep in without our Wilder alarm clock ringing at 5am.  And to drink wine with the birthday boy, of course!

I won't have a house post for you today, but if you're feeling withdrawals, you can always look back at the archives (how about this demo post from last December because it's sooooo fun to see how far the Ravenna House has come in a year) and/or follow along with our shenanigans on Instagram (let's just hope Garret hides my phone if I have one glass of wine too many...!).  I'll be back next week with some great content but until then, I'll leave you with this picture from a recent family photo session with Kayla Casebeer, because it's one of my favorites!


Okay, and one more with the birthday boy too.


Oh those two!  They are my whole heart.

Happy Friday everyone!  Wishing the most awesome December possible.



p.s. Any eating or winery suggestions for Napa and Sonoma? Please, please, please let me know!!!

p.p.s. What great gift ideas for the kiddos.  I'm dying to get Wilder that ukulele!  Don't you think it would make for an extra special (and loud) holiday season!