Happy Friday 12/7/19

Happy Friday! Is your home covered in evergreen branches yet? Ours sure is…the walls and the floors. Ha! Garrett actually requested that we skip interior garlands this year because they always dry out and shed, but somehow they ended up on mirrors and windows and…well I got a little carried away. Maybe next year I’ll head his advice. In the meantime, it feels pretty festive around here…even if we do have to sweep more ;)

I haven’t photographed our Farmhouse yet, so I’ll re-share these pretty wreath-covered shots from the Porch House last year (you can see more of that holiday house here).

The Grit and Polish - Porch Kitchen Shelves and Hood Xmas 1.jpg
The Grit and Polish - Porch Dining Room Xmas 2.jpg
The Grit and Polish - Porch Kitchen Xmas Large Again.jpg

It’s been a fun week around here! We’re currently getting the house ready for our first holiday guests (coming in for the family Thanksmas celebration…it’s a thing), but we also wrapped up our quick bathroom refresh, celebrated Garrett’s birthday, decorated for the holidays (and had an epic Garrett-let-our-5-year-old-prune-the-tree fail), and debuted our new website. Hopefully you noticed the website bit. We’re really excited about this new look for the Grit and Polish and hoping you love it too. I’ll try to do a little tutorial at some point, but the best feature is how much easier navigation should be. The tour and shop pages, especially, are much easier to find and use. So when you find yourself wondering where we got something, just hop onto the Shop page for that house/room and it should be right there with a link. But let us know if you find any hicups!

Well it’s Friday again, so I wanted to share all the exciting things on the internet this week. Grab a cup of coffee and dig in.

The Tacoma Converted Garage kitchen was featured in Apartment Therapy! You can check that out here.

Alison of Deuce Cities Henhouse has the coolest cabin and it was just featured in Better Homes and Garden. I love how comfortable all her spaces are, and I’m in awe of how she always makes historic woodwork look so fresh. Here’s a peek at her cabin decorated for the holidays this year.

Chris and Claudia are always working on inspiring interiors, but this concrete print stopped me in my tracks. What a fun idea!

Leanne Ford can do no wrong in my book. She’s constantly creating amazing interiors and this kitchen is one of them. She’s definitely one of my favorite designer. Related: now I want to make All. The. Wreaths!

Filson in Seattle got decked out by Thatch Floral for the holidays and oh goodness, I love it! Now I really, really want to make All. The. Wreaths.

Will you be doing any holiday baking this season? These peanut butter thumbprint cookies (a recipe from my friend, Sarah) is on our list. Our kids go through ungodly amounts of peanut butter, so these are a shoe in to be their favorite!

The best design book I’ve read in a long time. I know, I know, it a bit mass-marketed to be that good, but I swear it is! It’s broken up into styles, which are combined throughout the book, and can really help you nail down what you like (our Farmhouse is rustic, traditional, Farmhouse). I highly recommend!

Ohhh and one more because I’m seriously obsessed with this movie and Garrett and I are both into this series. I’m a little embarrassed to say this, but we’ve been having “laundry dates” as of late, and I really, really look forward to them! In case you’re wondering, a “laundry date” is when you put the kids to bed, and then bring out all the laundry you’ve been storing on the guest bed, and fold it while you watch a show or two. And munch on chocolate. It’s really fabulous (not kidding). Oh how Friday nights have changed ;)

Have a great weekend!



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