DIY // How to Install Shaker Pegs

We’re big fans of shaker pegs around here. They’re simple, elegant and can hang all. the. things! But even better, they’re super easy and quick to install.

Over the years, we’ve used these pegs to create simple shaker peg shelves in the kitchen and bathroom, shaker peg rails above wainscot, and shaker peg racks in the closet. They always look lovely and have become one of my favorite details to use around our old homes. Read on for our easy and quick DIY for installing shaker pegs in your own space.

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The Grit and Polish - Porch Master Closet Shaker Pegs 2.jpg
The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Bathroom Budget Shaker Peg Shelf 2.jpg

DIY: how to install shaker pegs

Time: 1 hour +

Level: easy

Format: video


shaker pegs

construction adhesive + caulking gun


tape measure


cordless drill (we have this set)

forstner bit - needs to match the tenon diameter of your shaker pegs

diy video

We put this easy diy into a 2-minute video. Check it out below.

And that’s it. Easy, right?! I’m thinking about using these handy pegs in our upcoming Farmhouse kitchen renovation. And the pantry. And the laundry room. But really there’s no limit to where these functional pegs could go.

We’d love to hear if you use this DIY - tag us on Instagram or where ever you share your project!

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