Happy Friday 2/22/19

Happy Friday! How was your week? We’ve been recovering from a winter bug around here that knocked us down like dominos. First our kindergartener, then the 3-year-old, and on down the list until every last one of us was on the couch. Oh winter, why do you treat us so? Thankfully the weekend is near and the birds are chirping and we’re bound and determined to relish all this unexpected snow (see: ice cream snow recipe below!).

Marnie+Hawson,+Melbourne+purpose-driven+photographer+for+Acre+of+Roses,+Trentham.+A+sustainable+flower+farm+and+luxury+accommodation. .jpg

acres of roses featured in @countrystylemag // photo: Marnie Hawson

I ran across photos of the Acre of Roses by Marnie Hawson on social media and went down the beautiful rabbit hole that is Ms. Hawson’s website. Her photographs so perfectly capture the essence of old homes. And there are some amazing oldies in her portfolio (in addition to Acre of Roses) like Captain’s Rest and this factory conversion…swoon!

Melissa Coleman of the Faux Martha wrote a very cool post on grey hair and included me in it. She’s long been a favorite of mine and it was so fun to be apart of this. Check out the post here.

Whose facade is it, anyway? An interesting read on homeownership, Instagram influencers, and the reasonable expectation of privacy.

Daphne and I watched Little Women on Amazon this week. The show is great and definitely worth watching but it was the historic interiors that really had my heart (Beth’s bed 😍).

A modern and minimal kit house (aka prefab home). Although modern has never been my thing before, I could 100% get on board with one of these kits (from HYGGE SUPPLY). I imagine the perfect retirement home to be: studio + glass breezeway connector + small master suite.

5 ways to appreciate your home right now. Renovations are great and all, but I love these easy (and free!) ways to cultivate contentment and appreciation in your home right now.

A seriously beautiful farmhouse on Instagram.

Snow ice cream. How is it possible I’ve never heard of this, despite the fact that I’ve lived in the northern latitudes my entire life?! Consider this our number one priority the weekend.

Have a great weekend!