Happy Friday 8/30/19

Happy Friday! And happy long weekend! The mornings around here are getting colder and I’m starting to feel the allure of Fall. Like suddenly I want to wear all my sweaters (despite the hot days), put on a pot of stew, light a candle, and just be home. Ya know?! But as excited as I am for Fall, I’m also excited for this last little sliver of summer. I’ll be throwing open the windows and listening to the crickets until the sweet end of this lovely season!

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Master Summer.jpg

Our Farmhouse master bedroom // sources here

More from the week…

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The anxiety of having too much. Leaving this right here as a reminder for all of us. Also, I loved this bit: “When the gas company hooked up my range, I told the technician it was the best day of my life. Well, that’s sad, he said.” (ny post)

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I got this shirt for Fall and it’s 40% off this weekend. (jcrew)

A stunning 485-sf apartment in Charleston, SC. I would 100% live here…except maybe not until after the kids go to college 😉 (apartment therapy)

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Our movie watching has dropped off sharply this summer (renovating, you know?!) so we’re extra excited to hold our annual scary movie night this weekend. Any recommendations?!

Lastly, some of our favorites things at the Farmhouse are on sale this weekend, in case you’ve been waiting… our patio furniture is on mega clearance, our favorite Fall quilt is 30% off with code ‘SAVEMORE’ (its’ on Daphne’s bed and our guest bed), and my favorite rug is 20% off (the one shown above in our master bedroom).

Have a great weekend!