Happy Friday 9/20/19

Happy Friday! We’re getting into the swing of Fall around here. You too? I always crave routine and organization this time of year, but it can be hard to implement in our house. Something about young kids, my routine-eschewing husband, and our profession (landlord-ing is the opposite of scheduled). But I’m making a go of it.

Plus there’s the ongoing kitchen remodel. This week I decided it was perfectly acceptable to start baking sourdough again. We may not have a venting hood or outlet covers, but we will have fresh, homemade bread. Ha! It’s been months since I baked with any regularity (not having an oven and all), and goodness, it feels good! Watching flour, water, and salt rise will never get old. It’s pure magic. Every time.

The Grit and Polish - Farmhouse Sourdough 5.jpg

More from the week…

Another home in Vinalhaven Maine that blew me away. BLEW me away! I’m definitely going to have to visit Maine. (the maryn)

How to be happier today. I love number 2! (becoming minimalist)

How to cure your kids addiction to technology. I’ve been thinking about this article all week, especially this bit: “Would you throw your child into the pool without teaching him how to swim? Probably not - so why do it with digital devices?”. (haaretz)

How one couple lives separately, together. I’m the polar opposite of this (I’m a twin and don’t really like to be alone), but I so respect this living arrangement. (cupofjo)

How to add a pantry to your kitchen (no major remodel needed!). I’m sure you’ll guess which one is our favorite method 😉 (faux martha)

Six tips to keeping a clean house (with young kids!). I keep coming back to these, because the struggle is REAL!

The real life ‘Downton-Abbey’ is on Airbnb and here’s how you can stay there. Yes, please! (apartment therapy)

The California country home of Anne Hathaway is so very unexpected and beautiful. (architectural digest)

And for those of you who have asked, I finally put together a Spotify playlist! It has all of the songs we’re listening to during our kitchen remodel…folk, alternative, and a bit of country too. Just like my Instagram stories (which is where the requests came from). You can listen below or here. Hope you enjoy it!



Have a great weekend!


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