The Ravenna House Story + A Proper Goodbye Video


In all the hub-bub around selling the Ravenna House last summer, we never got around to giving the house a proper goodbye. Homes are such an important part of our lives - like a member of the family in many ways - and we wanted to tell this old gal’s story and let her just…show off a bit.

So last weekend, Garrett gathered all his old clips and put together a video of the Ravenna House’s story. There’s lots of before-and-afters and stories we’ve never shared before. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do!

It’s been 5 months since we sold the Ravenna House and we broke down all the final numbers in this post. I have to say, watching this video reminded me just how much work we put into the Ravenna House. Goodness, that basement was rough! And can we talk about the pink bathroom?! But in the end, we’re really glad that we took on this project and made the Ravenna House shine.

Thanks for being apart of this journey with us.


photo by Meghan Klein for the Grit and Polish


All sources for the Ravenna House can be found here.