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DIY // How To Build A Patio And Lay Pavers

We’ve been loving our garden patio for a couple of months now, and thought it was time to share a DIY. Building a patio and laying pavers is definitely a do-it-yourself kind of project. It’s more labor than skill and relatively affordable. This project is all about the prep, so don’t skimp on that. And you’ll probably need to brush off the old TI-85 (aka calculator) to determine how much gravel and sand you’ll need. But if you have a long-weekend on your hands and a friend or two, this is a project for you!

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What Our Garden Renovation Cost

We didn’t exactly have a budget going into our garden project. It was more like a spend-as-little-as-we-can-while-still-making-it-beautiful type situation. And now that everything is done, I wanted to share the final number.

Keep reading for a breakdown of expenses as well as a few tips on how we kept our expenses so low. And in case you were expecting a full reveal of this space…I promise, it’s coming. Just as soon as the vegetables grow a bit more and the berries ripen…

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Our Garden Patio is Ready for Summer (Plus a Giveaway!)

Make sure to enter The Company Store giveaway at the end of this post for a chance to win a San Mateo patio set (the same collection as our’s)!!! Giveaway closes June 9th.

Our garden patio is done! And I’m pretty sure we’re going to be out here every day until Labor Day…or maybe even Thanksgiving. This garden is basically my dream outdoor space and now that it’s done, I keep pinching myself. Who knew this lovely garden was hidden under that Jumanji-style, overgrown wilderness?!

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