Happy Friday 8/16/19

Happy Friday! We spent a few days in Seattle this week, staying at our Dexter House Airbnb, meeting our good friend’s new baby (miss you already, baby Nell!), shopping for our remodel, exploring the city, and eating all the good food. It was everything I love about the city! One of the reasons we originally turned Dexter into a short-term-rental when we moved away, was so we could come back and stay there ourselves. We haven’t used it nearly as often as we thought we would (it gets booked up early so we have to plan ahead - not our strong suit 🙃), but I hope we will more often. Because Seattle really is a special city…especially in the summer!


Our Dexter House kitchen // art, rug, + all other sources here

More from the week…

It’s raining plastic. Garrett sent me this article earlier in the week and I’ve been thinking through where we can cut out even more plastic in our home and lives ever since. (the guardian)

One of your children is more likely to become a CEO than your other kids. And also: a “CEOs’ experiences in childhood seem to shape what kind of leaders they grow up to be.” So fascinating! (atlantic)

How one ‘natural spender’ saves money. Some great ideas whether you’re a natural saver or natural spender! (a beautiful mess)

This might sound funny (especially if you don’t have young kids), but we all missed Daphne’s potty seat while we were away this week. She loves it, so we love it!

I’ve been following along with the Marcum’s $1,000, 2-week kitchen makeover on Instagram and have been eagerly awaiting today’s reveal! (chrislovesjulia)

The life of a person who wakes up really, really early. This is me. You too? (Atlantic)

Underware. (@cupofjo)

Have a great weekend!


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